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Today I tried to speak to my fiancé ( who is asexual ) about the idea of getting a "doll" for myself in the future. Never once did I say I would actually do it but it was just an idea. She said no to the idea claiming that it would be cheating on her with someone else and I asked why. she continued to just say no and the same reason over and over again. Eventually she just walked out the room and that's when I texted her. I gave a list of all the alternatives that I could do " You don't want me to have toys, you don't want me to look at porn, I can't have a sex buddy it's like you want me to be asexual myself Amber. And it's bs." and then she said " You know what? Be single. I don't care anymore. I'll pack my shit up tomorrow. Stay your fucking ass in the bedroom. Don't want you near me in any sort of way. Bye ✋" . All I wanted was to talked to her. Have a open line of communication with her to be able to say what I'm feeling. I don't want to have a open relationship, I want to have a personal relationship with her and it seems that even that is impossible now. I told her " I don't know if I can keep doing this". Everything I offer gets thrown in my face and I'm made out to be the bad guy.

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  • Bend her over and fuck her

  • Of course it's completely private to you, but perhaps she mentioned the reason she is asexual? If it's purely natural, then yeah - this relationship would be completely unsustainable - however if there was a deeper lying reason for it - maybe that would be a good point to start from. If you already know, though - and nothing constructive came of those discussions, then unfortunately this situation just can't be helped.

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