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my boyfriend seemed very disinterestet in having contact with me outside of me visiting him (where he was the gentleman I knew him for) for a couple of months now. I always had to text him first and if I wanted to skype I'd have to ask first (and sometimes he'd just say no) Now last weekend I told him about something that bothered me for a while now, we got along all weekend and when I walked him to the trainstation we stared at eachother until the train departed. Now he texts me every morning and asks if I slept well and everything and wants to skype every evening. I don't quite understand where that change comes from and because of that it makes me slightly suspicious... Any guys out there that get why? Cause I don't.

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  • I think he just realized what he has,and maybe starts valueing you more :)

  • Maybe he had something stressful going on in his life that he didn't tell you about. Or maybe spending time with you made him realize how much he loves you.

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