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One of my best friend died almost 3 months ago.. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about her. She died in a drunk driving accident. A drunk driver hit her car and her car caught on fire and she was stuck in the car, she burned alive.. There was a girl in the car with her that was able to get out of the car safely. My friend got stuck in between the steering wheel and her seat, she yelled for the other girl to get out of the car. She was on her way home from a concert, a concert I was going to go to. I constantly think.. What if I would have been there? What if I had distracted her long enough to where the driver wouldn't have been there? What if I was in the car with her? I would've pulled her out even if it was the last thing I did. She was full of life.. 18.. About to start college. If I couldn't pull her out, I would've stayed in the car with her. If I died with her, so be it. I would be with one of the most wonderful people I have ever met in my 18 years of living. I miss her so much. I wish I could be with her.. Now I lay in bed crying looking at pictures knowing she's not here anymore.. I constantly feel heart broken..

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  • I felt the same when my best friend died. She was only seven and I was too young to understand it but I still miss her. It's been years and she still makes me feel so alone. I'm okay now which is the brighter side and I have close friends now. Just remember that she would've done the same if you died. That's how much she cared. If you cry thinking about her, then she would too. But wouldn't you want her to be happy after a while?

  • Nothing you could have done could change what happened. It was just her time... It was a terrible accident. It's not your fault. If you want to blame someone, blame the bastard who was driving drunk. I lost my grandma three years ago (to cancer) and it still hurts sometimes when I remember she isn't here. But I try to live the way she would have wanted me to live. She always wanted me to go to college and to be happy and kind. All we can do is be grateful that we had these people in our lives as long as we did. I wish you the best.

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