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My husband only showers once a week. It grosses me out and we often argue about our sex life. I told him when he showers more I'll have sex with him more. He says I hurt his feelings when I told him that.

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  • Yeah seriously, what? unless he doesn't have some condition other than sheer laziness, you be right up in his face about that please. He wants you to have sex with him but he can't even SHOWER regularly, what the hell? Not on. It's not hurting his feelings (what even...)

  • Does he have a skin condition? Cause my brother can't shower more than once or twice a week at most or his eczema gets really bad and he gets rashes. Also some people just don't have to shower that much. Infrequent showering is great for your hair. Also every person I know takes at least 15 minutes to shower, 10 if they're in a hurry. A 5 minute shower would do basically nothing.

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