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I am extremely bored all day long. I have a few friends and they don t go out to much. I see some of them everyday at school and then there are the other ones who go to different schools. I listen to music, surf the internet, watch movies butI hate staying all day long at home and at the same time I can t make friends easily cuz I don t trust to much ppl! They are permanentely wearing a "masc", I mean they are fake. Ive had friends that I really trusted but they started bullying me, along with "the" usual bullies. Seriously....and even thought this doesn t mean to much compared to others peoples problems i feel like humanity is leading herself to its own destruction. And I can t stand for myself..I am too shy and scared of what other ppl may say to me after.

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  • Even when you know person 15 or 40 years, even then they may wear that "masc". You will never know. Don't trust everyone, but give good people chance to get to know you and earn your trust. Other people always say things to you, as long as you live. you should learn how to deal with it, not be scared. i hope everything goes well.

  • oh anddd i forgot something, they really, really won't get back at you, they will stop bullying you, i'm 100% sure, i had about 5/6 bullies at my school, over the year i punched them 1 by 1, if you do that, and this might sound crazy, but they will have RESPECT for you, respect for standing up for yourself, because they know damn well they deserved that punch in the face.

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