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Im afraid when I get married I will still want to cheat. I don't cheat for any other reason than I can. If I meet someone and I really like them then its like I want to be close to them but I have no desire to be with them just to try them out. I don't ever want to cheat when I get married but I simply can't help myself. I've also never been caught cheating. I don't do it because I feel naughty or i'm missing anything in my relationship I do it because I can.... i'm a girl btw

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  • is it really only because you can??? sex addict, nymphomaniac, not really in love, ...just dont hurt the guy by been caught !

  • don't marry then. i have this friend, also a girl, who does that too. she's a beautiful woman, she said she would stop cheating when she got married, but guess what... she didn't stop and she felt terrible. her marriage ended. she's been depressed ever since. don't do that to yourself. don't marry.

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