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I am a successful, happily married young man. I have a job many would dream of but I suffer from bouts of extreme depression. If I acknowledge this in my psych evaluations I'll probably never be able to continue with my career as depression in my profession is frowned upon. I can't burden my wife with it as she suffers from anxiety disorders, so I just pretend to be ok if she asks what's wrong. My depression drives my to constantly seeks new knowledge or exercise. And if I have time off I drinking sleeping tablets so I can sleep and escape reality.

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  • dude women prefer happy husband with ok pay than sad one with high pay. Lighten your work load to avoid depression hence you and your wife can be happier.

  • You gotta be real with your wife. If you can't confide in her what's the point of being married. Fuck anxiety. You need assistance. She needs to provide it. (And vis-versa)

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