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im filipina... i hate how people in the Philippines hates on me whenever i speak in English... like f*ck it. im in a country where people speak English what the hell do you expect me to talk in? even my sister and my mother hates on me whenever i post things in English like wth?

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  • oh my gawd im so glad I read your post. I know exactly how you feel. ive been living in the US since I was 6 and I can still speak filipino but the thing is its not authentic... to some it sounds like im putting it on. a filipino work colleague invited me to a party and I was talking like I normally do with friends etc but because everyone there was filo, I was asked passive aggreasively if I can speak tagalog and I said yes that i can speak. I felt so uncomfortable because only my family really understand me when I speak. admittedy I have a filipino vocabulary of a 6 year old and im 33 now so you can imagine they thought I was being pretentious. it was awful bcos im just being myself and theyre so judgemental. and another thing I hate it when I am forced to "po" someone or call everyone "TITO" or "TITA" and I DONT.

  • They are just jealous you speak english better than them. Its the most used language in the world.

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