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after all the stress and headache, i finally told him that i love him. i told him over the phone because i figured that would be much easier in case he didnt feel the same way. he was surprised and said nothing for a few seconds then relpied *i thought i was going to be the first to say it* end of story. he did not say it back. after over 2 years of unofficial dating... i acted all cool but the tears rolled down when i hung up. maybe he will never feel the same way about me and i have to live with that. maybe its time to move on. if after all this while he doesn't love me then i give up.

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  • Unofficial dating? I'm not sure I understand

  • I'm so sorry... that's horrible. maybe he needs a bit time to realize what he has lost that moment. maybe it's for the better that you can move on now. I wish you all the best. x

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