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i read this study (forgot the name of course) but it explained how if someone likes you, popping by their house unnanounced and planting their favorite flowers for their birthday comes across as romantic. if they don't, it's creepy/weird or desperate. So, i want to talk to this guy but i don't have any classes with him. Id have to just go sit with him, AND all his friends at breakfast to talk to him. But, if he's not immediately attracted to me its very likely that my advance will be seen as odd or pitiful. I don't want to talk to him if it could ruin everything, but he's cute and i want to talk to him! so i just stare at him during breakfast and wonder what I should do. This is why I'm single, guys.

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  • The longer you just stare at him, the more likely it is that he will notice and be creeped out. So I'd say you should just do it. Go up to him and tell him you'd like to get to know him, ask if he'd like to grab a coffee after classes or something like that. It doesn't have to be something big, and you don't even necessarily have to stay with him and his friends if you do it that way. A short rejection hurts less than a lifetime of what-if. If he says no, you won't even have to see him around that often. So just try, act confident, go up to him and risk it. :) All the best to you, and good luck! I hope the two of you will get together.

  • Friend his friends. talk to him in the hallways et cetera

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