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I have a guy at work who got a job here just because his mother is a friend of the boss. I work my a*s off and he watches Tv series all day but he gets 3 times my salary. I hate his smug, know-it-all attitude, the fact that he trash talks about everyone, the fact that he brags about how he paid his exams in college, the fact that he keeps saying things like "If I parked my car on the stairs of X University, all the girls would flock", I even hate the sound of his voice. And he is an idiot. Recently, he told me I`m stupid for not knowing blood is blue while inside the body and only turns red when it gets in contact with air. Joke`s on him, as the stupid guy that he is. Blood is always red, just that when it`s depleted of oxygen, it`s a darker shade of red. I fu*kng hate everything about him!

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  • its easy, kill him

  • Jeez you know so much about what colour blood is!! Don't worry I'm sure you'll get promoted soon. You're clearly very qualified.

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