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Sometimes when I'm trying to tell you about how upset I am or how much I hate my life, it feels like you just try to 1-up me by telling me how much worse your life is. Honestly, it really irritates me. Don't try to make my problems look like nothing, because they're something to me! Just because your pain might be worse doesn't mean mine doesn't matter. Can we stop talking about your bitchy mom and asshole sister for just one second? We always talk about you and your problems. I need someone to talk to, too, you know. Your two word responses and just sending me a " :( " doesn't help. It doesn't show me you care. It just makes me feel more alone! You're my girlfriend, don't you care about me? I'm always unselfish, always put you first, but sometimes I want to talk about me! Sometimes I need comfort. I try to be the best girlfriend I can for you, but it feels like you just shove me away when I come to you for help. And it hurts.

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  • I don't understand why you would let yourself to be in such situation, you deserves better. Ditch her.

  • talk to her about it if she tries talking about her own problems tell her to quit changing the subject to herself and that's what upsets you the most when she's not there for you the way you are for her. if she keeps playing the victim and won't make the effort to consider your feelings she's not worth putting your own issues on the side just for her that's not right, partners are supposed to support each other and listen and communication is one of the number 1 key to a lasting relationship. if it doesn't work out in the end for you two that's ok life's full of trial and errors, your still learning along the way.

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