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I sometimes think I don't like my mother. I mean she is not independant who can't take care of herself without relying on my dad; she is unsociable; she is an idiot; and she never listens. I'm a 22 year old who is stuck with her as my mother, and I feel embarressed to introduce her as my mother to others I know.I feel annoyed most of the time I see her; or when she speaks to me. Everytime she talks, im thinking 'shut up woman' or 'go away woman'. She most of the time doesn't knock on my door before entering and I have toldher to do so 100s of time. She doesn't bother being a mother like getting to know her son, taking care and making sure that I am ok. She jst sits around being lazy, doesn't do any housework or cook (my dad does the cooking and shopping in the house). She doesn't even have a job and when u ask her to do something productive, she jst makes excuses. I wish I was never born, or I was never born to her and am born to a better mother; a one that actually makes more effort to take care of me and love me better as a son. My mum does not even know me at all. she does not even know what happens around me, or if I am doing alright (not that she would be able to do anything if she does know). I she almost feels like a stranger to me even though I've know her for years. Partly because of her, I distance myself with people and isolate myself. She is lucky dad married her cos I doubt anyone would. She would be single to this day if my dad never married her. I know this lady who goes to the martial arts school as me and she is a student, and she is three years younger than my mum. She has two kids; one is 19 (male) and the other is 10 (girl). Only her 10 year old child goes to MMA with her. part of me feel jealous of the kid everytime I see her, cos she has a better mother than what I have. What did she do to get a better mother than me? why am I more unlucky when it comes to parent?

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  • I feel the same, but about my father. It sucks

  • I have the exact same problem. I hate my mother with a passion.

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