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i was my helping my brother yesterday becuase his wife just up and left him. I went to give him company and he ended up making sexual advances and even had sex with me he slid one hand into my pants and beganto finger me and used the other to pull up my shirt and fondle one of my tits while sucking on my nipple of the other he kept going for a while before he made me down between his legs and take his cock out before he forced my mouth on his cock making me give him a blow job until he grabbed me up and laid me down before getting on top and fucking me senseless i felt so bad about her leaving him so i guess i just let him did it out of gulit but i have no idea what to do now what if i get pregnant im not protected and he came in me twice i cant believe his wife just up and left him for some guy as she told him shes been sleeping with for months took the kids too idk what to do.

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  • You don't go fucking your sibling because you pity them. And you're only 16! and he's 21?!! I'm not sure if you're making up some bullshit story that's 'reasonable' to fuck your own brother. It sounds like you only want people to tell you it's fine and all completely normal. God, do you fuck your dad when you pity him?? How about your mom or your grandparents. No, you don't do that

  • I don't see a problem with that I would have done the exact same thing you're just a good person side note:were you a virgin at the time?

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