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It confuses me how women in America seem to be pressured into shaving their arms. In Europe, or at least in my country, there is absolutely no pressure to shave your arms. Nobody cares or sees it and I've only known one person that does it. Is this really as much of a thing as I think it is? If so, do you get weird looks if you don't shave them? Because I'll be in a student exchange program and go to America next year and I'm very socially anxious so I really don't want to be heavily judged or anything, just blend in nicely.

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  • This is the first time in my life that I have heard of shaving arms - underarms yes, but never arms.

  • I'm from Europe and I do shame my arms. I began doing it when I was a teenager because my family was making fun of me (the hair on my arms was a darker and thicker than theirs). Now I realise it was stupid of me back then but now it has become a habit

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