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I use to be in love with a married man .. I realized it was wrong and no longer feel the same way I want to let him go but he's to attached to me.. I don't want to hurt him , but we have to go our own ways. Seems like he won't accept it .. Awkward part is I would still have to see him after! help wha to do !?!?

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  • I am glad you did not continue the flirt. Adultery is a foolish thing to do and it shows weakness. Hun, I don't knkw what to say, I suggest you tell him but be gentle about it. I have a friend who was married and began flirting with a guy (smh), well to make the story short, she tried to end it, but he was so clingy, he would began stalking her and almost raped her once. She had to move away and start new.

  • why would you still have to see him after? and talk to him clarifying you made a mistake by doing that. Does his wife know?

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