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a couple months ago my friend was flirting with me.. he only flirted in texted though.. he would tell me my ass is big or my tits are huge or whatever.. he would say I look better in person.. and stuff.. we never dated though.. we would stay up late texting each other☺ then after a few weeks we only text a couple times.. then once a week then never.. after weeks gone bye he got a girlfriend.. then a month went by he got another girlfriend.. the another month went by.. he got another girlfriend.. he kept the last one.. he loved her more than anything.. then after a few weeks I asked my friend to ask him if he ever liked me he said.. “i never liked her" ....it broke my heart💔.. I almost started cutting but I couldn't find a knife sharp enough.. so I began crying myself to sleep and think about him over and over.. again.. the saddest thing about this is I would do anything for him.. I would take a bullet for him. I will never stop loving him... even if he never knows it.

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  • boys come and go, crushes come and go, friends come and go, that's life I know you feel like your world is crashing down but trust me there are plenty of other people out there I know because I've had a crush on this boy for years and he never liked me back and that hurt I would cry too but eventually I got over it the pain is no longer there I understand now when people can finally say that they wish nothing but the best for them because I can finally say it now. You'll find someone that's going to take care of you and call you their princess and and make you feel their one and only but that's not right now. give it time, time heals.

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