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I clean cook make sure you wake up on time take care of our kids and you rarely help I ask for one thing, weed. that it. once a week. 3.5 grams and no more. but that's asking for to much I guess.. I do everything you ask all the time and you WONT help with shit. you won't even take out the trash so excuse me for being mad when I ask for one thing but your to fucking lazy to do it

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  • I don't know your circumstances, and you're most likely not even going to care about what I am going to say, but I think you can do so much better than asking for weed. Why do you take weed? If it is to get high then I suggest you stop. Think about your kids and the harmful effects that may follow smoking weed. Btw, the person your talking sounds like shit. I hope he/she isn't the reason why you are doing this.

  • junkies should not be helped to get drugs

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