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I hate this world. It's not because of anything else except the humanity. Humanity has lost its positive connotation. It now refers to idiocy and hypocrisy. We've begun to fight each other simply for pride. It's ignorant. What happened to intelligence and selflessness? What happened to love and compassion? This world is far from anything but dystopian.

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  • I realize I posted this upon ignorance and a closed minded point of view. Thank you for the comments. Times have been much worse. You're right. And if i don't like something about this world, I should get off my sorry booty and actually attempt to better the world instead of moping around like I'm already in hell.

  • It is hard to look at the positive side of things, but being optimistic helps you by bringing hope. I think as humans we are too quick to judge and we judge harshly and negatively. A few things that make today better than it was 100 years ago: 1. More people have freedom 2. We are beginning to accept LGBT 3. We are trying to push forward and make more policies to protect the world 4. Less segregated then we were before 5. We have much more food thanks to the Agricultural Revolution etc. The negatives may outweigh the positives (because I name a whole lot on what is wrong with humanity today), but focusing on the little positives can make the world seem less corrupt and evil.

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