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While I enjoy riding the bike, I hate riding it in the city. On sidewalks it`s dangerous because of pedestrians that walk straight and decide to change direction right when you want to pass them. On bike tracks you can`t ride because they are blocked by cars parked there most of the time. On the street it`s dangerous because of drivers who pass by me almost touching my handles with their mirrors. From my point of view, I could ride a bike for miles and miles if I were on a dirt road somewhere in the countryside. But riding the bike in the city is a stress I`d rather pass. This being said, my boyfriend insisted we go for a ride. I repeatedly refused, he insisted until I felt bad for refusing him and accepted. Sometime during our ride, while riding on the street, next to the sidewalk, an asshole driver trying to pass by another car came so close to me I had to abruptly turn my handles to the right to avoid being hit. Unfortunately, the margin of the sidewalk was too high for my bike to climb it so I fell. On my right hand. Now my elbow has the biggest, nastiest bruise I`ve ever had and I think I damaged some ligaments as my hand hurts really bad when I push on a door knob or try to open a bottle of water. Althought it wasn`t my boyfriend`s fault that driver was an asshole, I can`t stop thinking about the fact that if he had not insisted and let me stay home instead, this wouldn`t have happened. He knew I hated riding the bike in the city. He knew, and he insisted, and now my right hand, the MAIN hand, is useless. And it hurts like hell. At least it`s not broken..

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  • I feel really sorry for you:( and btw i hate when people insist on doing something they're annoying they should get the message but they don't want to understand your worries and reasons..and then you try to be the good person and accept but something nasty happens and you can t blame them but you wish you could....I've been in a situation like this ..I hate it

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