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my husband's sex drive is zero. meanwhile? I dream of being tied up, spanked, bitten, taken by force, riding a fuck machine, filming myself, a threesome, strung up in ropes, cuffed, tied, spanked, whipped...fucked until raw, made to beg, squeal, pant and drool. I want him to force me into wearing a collar. I want to be "daddy's princess." I love him forever. but. I want more. he knows this. I've told him. his answer? " I just can't do that. " :(

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  • tell him you want to have some adventure experience new things with him hunny trust me a lot of uptight ppl are undercover freaks in bed too afraid to admit it or try because they fear being judged.. why don't you do something kinky to him and he might return the favor 😋 who knows you might get off on doing something like that for him😝

  • Maybe he needs some medical or therapeutic help

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