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i was in a 3 year relationship and i truly loved my girlfriend, we broke up because she cheated on me with 2 guys and because i am a good guy i decided to pay for all the new furniture that we just bought for our apartment that was on her name and credit card so she could get a student loan to go to college like she dreamt about doing, she never said thank you and she even rubbed it in my face by bringing these guys to places she knew i was hanging out at and kissing them and touching them infront of me, still i dont feel angry i still hope she does good and lives a good life, you must think i am weird but i think its better than living in anger

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  • You Sound like a Great person and it's really Nice of you to help like that. But you should never let someone do something like that again.

  • she is a user. dont let it happen to you ever again. yea your a generous person but people take advantage of you

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