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i noticed that basically everyone on this app is in pain because of love. even i am. is that what our existence is? love? unhealthy people that we form attachments to and that thus causes us pain? i guess human beings really are social creatures. not saying its a bad thing, i just wish there was some way wr can have a fulfilling live instead of a painful one.

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  • I'm not hurting from love... I'm hurting because I'm sick. because my family is falling apart. because I'm confused. because I have many questions I need answered, but am too afraid to ask. buy when I tell people these things they say I just need a bf. I had a bf and it wasn't helping. dumping him lifted a tremendous amount of stress. its not that he was a bad guy, I just wasn't emotionally stable enough to be with anyone. since then I've been asked out by some of my best friends "no, I can't". I'm glad I'm single. yes, love is a wonderful, powerful thing, but are some people hurting so much, that love becomes a burden?

  • Get laid. You'll feel better

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