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something that i just realized is that of course we all have freedom of choice, but what do we choose? what should we choose? All my life I've chosen to do what I wanted to do at the time and what I felt to do at the time. But I realized that "should we really be making decision based upon emotion?" No. Instead, don't ask yourself what you feel like doing. ask yourself what the right thing is to do. and then do it. is it moral? is it beneficial to someone other than myself? would God approve? would my parents approve? do I approve? etc. and based upon that, is it right or wrong? and then do what is right.

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  • By the time I go through all those approvals, I will be 100 years old. But in all honesty, I agree with you.. It seems like when we make choices we consider many things before we choose. Like I may want to have a one night stand, but I choose not to because I have morals, and I don't even want a possibility of having a child at my age; it would also be hard on my family if I did..etc.

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