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So my best friend took me to see a scary movie at the theatres. We are both sophomores girls in high school. Before we went, I drank a lot of coffee and had even more to drink at the theatre (it was a long movie and a late move so I wanted to make sure I was awake). As you could imagine, I had to pee really bad before the movie started since I hadn't gone to the bathroom in like five hours but I didn't want to miss the movie. This was last night by the way. That night I was wearing my pink granny panties and some white shorts. At the first scary scene, I screamed and peed my panties. It was so embarrassing. However I had so much water and liquid in my system that I did this about every scary scene. By the end of the night I had peed myself about 7 times. My friend kept keeping count, saying 1, 2, 3, etc. I walked out of that theatre with soaked shorts. You could see my panties through them.

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  • Oh God. Why does this make me erect?

  • Oh God. Why does this make me erect?

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