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Went through my 12 year old brother's phone, he was so sweet and lovely to to this girl . I'm 13 and it made me sad to know that no guy will ever talk to me in the way he talked to that girl. Even my friends have crushes that are liking them back. At the last day of school before christmas , the guy I liked - and thought liked me back- gave a chocolate box to another girl- one of my best friends. My other best friend also has a crush and her crush like her back- A LOT. I feel like a piece of shit, why don't guys ever like me? Do I come over as dumb or a funny friendly figure. I just don't get it, I guess I'm just not pretty and skinny enough.. 😢

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  • I can spell out my love for u: s-t-a-l-k-e-r

  • what's a social media u use give it to me and I'll stalk the crap out if u I'm 13 and a girl too no lie I am but if u dont believe me that's fine...stalkers forever!!!

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