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I just don't know any more, im really getting tired of his shit. I need affection and consistency. Make up your mind. I'm attractive, great in bed fun to be around loyal as fuck, he'd be a fool to mess that up. yeah im just not happy , I think it's time to move on... then he'll come running but it will be too late

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  • that's exactly what happened to me a my husband we have 3 kids and I was feeling so lonely he make me feel weird. he was acting weird so. he finally talked and he started blaming things on me all a bunch of lies. to make me feel bad. so it was painful but I left him. right before Xmas. so sad for my kids. but we will be better in the long run. and I'm telling you this because. I didn't know what to do. leave him leave him. before he leaves you over a stupid reason just so he can go tell people he left you.

  • well someone here is modest

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