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I hate when people say I'm racist for "only" dating white guys (I'm black) it just so happens that lately most of the guys I've met and liked in the past 2-3 years have been white that's not my fault I go to online school and a lot of the guys that randomly message me that are black are kind of wanna be thugs I don't like that so obviously I'm not going to give them the time of day but if a nice guy of any race messages me and I like him it doesn't matter

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  • I'm white and I have never even kissed a white girl. There are nice cute ones out there. I have dated some before, but the girl I fell in love with and married is Asian. Don't worry honey. She gets called a race traitor as well. But only by guys who had a crush on her who she shot down. That kinda insult is just people who are jealous. black men date white women all the time. There are people who ONLY date their own race and there is nothing wrong with that either, it is their choice.

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