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Its hard to watch someone you love as much as family, take their final breaths. 7 months later and I still remember it as if it was yesterday..

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  • My best friend died three years ago and my closest friend died three years before that. I had never felt so alone in my whole life and for some time I just felt like I wanted to die. I still miss them a lot and they made this deep hole inside of me. My dog also died two years ago. I have this emptiness now, like noting matters, but my friend is what made everything ok again. I feel like crying when I think about them but goddamnit I will never forget what my friend taught me. Life is meant to be lived when it feels impossible, and then given up when it feels too long.

  • just lost my grandpa... funeral was in november... known him my whole life... he was a vietnam vet, ajd the sweetest man i ever knew

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