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The last guy I was seeing said I was the girl he was waiting for, we got along so well, I had never felt this way about anyone, he said he couldn't wait for us to have a life together. He ended it saying I was an inconvenience that he had decided it won't work.... needles to say i was confused, upset n angry.... what had I done?? I was so upset that he would just change his mind like that, like it means nothing. He then told me yesterday after 6 weeks of breaking up he's been seeing a girl for 4 weeks and they have already made it official, she is moving with him next year to perth. I was gutted. He then went on to tell me that I'm a great girl but I'm an inconvenience. I've have never had great luck with men but what have I done to deserve to be treated n spoken to like this. I'm a pretty easy going person who works hard as a nurse...enjoys life and all I want is to be truly loved back but I have so many trust issues now I feel so lost. 😳

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  • I' m sorry to hear that. You seem so sweet, you will find a better man.

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