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After seeing this guy for a while he tells me I'm the girl he's been waiting for, he couldn't wait to start building a life with me, we got along so well, I had never felt like this about anyone. We were so happy together. I was sure he was the one. Out of nowhere he ended it saying he decided it wouldn't work an that I was inconvenient with his life plan. Needless to say I was gutted! angry, confused n very upset. I tryed to ask him why but he would just say the same thing. He was very rude and blunt from then on. I decided to cut all ties with him to try and get over this guy and heal myself. 8 weeks after it ended he rings me yesterday to see how I was, he tells me that he's been seeing a girl for 4 weeks n that she's moving to perth with him next year for them to start a life. What have I done wrong...? I would say I have a pretty relaxed personality, I take care of myself eat right train hard... work hard as a nurse. I feel so stupid for believing his lies. He was so believeable 😳 I'm so afraid I will never find anybody to love me now. I've never had great luck with men and I felt like he was "the one" I feel so insecure about myself now. Will I ever be enough.

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  • I'm going through the same thing. it can be hard when you feel like you're ready to settle down with someone but they don't want you like you want them so I've decided to just love myself first and whatever else happens after that who knows? but the think that hurts the most is that I want a family of my own soo badly and I will never find a woman who will honestly love and respect me for who I am and everytime I think about it I brake a little on the inside

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