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I've been suspecting my boyfriend of cheating for a while now. today I finally got the courage and asked him up front if he was talking to other people I told him I'm asking him because I don't want to assume things and Ive been meaning to ask him..he didn't answer me but got mad and started asking exactly what he did for me to start thinking that of him. And started coming up with arguments that Im always trying to ruin something when everyone is getting along. the fact is even if I asked him on another day I'll get the same answer. we've been dating for almost 3 years now and I've broken up with him once already over trust issues basically him texting other girls. we got back together And we've been trying to establish trust but as for me it's been hard. I don't think I can ever regain that trust I had in him back especially since I wholeheartedly trusted him. never thought that he would do that to me. these days I have a gut feeling that something is wrong. Im always paranoid and I always over look his phone when he gets a text message. I don't want to be in a relationship like this! is anybody else going through the same thing?

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  • yeah that just happen to me I knew something was wrong w my husband and he wouldn't tell me when I asked and I will ask everyday I felt so lonely and scare. and finally Christmas eve he was like you don't love and your mean and I'm not happy and I was like wtf did he out of the no where just said that to me. why can he just told me he didn't love me. and he was doing things on line. and walked out on our 3 daughters.

  • No I don't, because I actually trust my girlfriend and she trusts me. And if I was in your situation, I'd leave :/ If you can't trust him, there's no relationship

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