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My whole family live on the other side of the country. i saved up to see them and am staying with them. my uncle and my cousins are hectic catholics i went for a swim at their place and while i was in the bathroom pretending to have a shower.. i packed up a pipe and smoked a bowl looking jesus right in the eye. they were knocking on the door telling me i had to hurry as they were abo ut to serve dinner and it is a sin to not say grace. so i rushed and chucked a towel over it as it was too hot to put back into my handbag. now i am at another family members and went to go and snoke some more meth and realised that my crackpipe and my meth were left on the bathroom floor. too high to remember to put them away back in my bag.

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  • If you smoke meth, you never saved enough money to travel to the other side of a country. Fake

  • When you ask what would Jesus do remember that throwing over tables, demolishing others property and beating people with a bat and kicking them all in rage is one of the options. (Part in the Bible)

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