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opinion on born again christians? is it a cult?

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  • Born Again Christians are one of the largest sects of Christianity. It includes all Evangelicals, Baptists, Pentecostals, and most Protestants. Imagine Catholics with no Pope, no tradition, only scripture. Christology, and morals, and Scripture all identical. Although Born agains are more likely to translate their bibles from Orthodox Scripture for New Testament and the Talmud for old Testament which is just Catholic Scripture in original Greek and Hebrew instead of Latin. The books and verses are the same.

  • I suppose you may think I'm biased because I do consider myself Christian. But I'll try to give you my honest opinion. I think it varies. There are many different kinds of Christianity, and many different churches. Some groups will be kind of cult-like, but those groups are not true Christians. Christianity isn't about being like a cult. It's about following Jesus and accepting anyone who may also want to follow him.

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