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need your opinions! my friend ho i have been staying with leant me his suitcase as mine i had prepared for my trip to visit family for christmas had a missing wheel. he leant me an ugly old fashioned 'Sterling' brand suitcase and said it was purchased at an 'op shop' for $5 so when i board the plan i was a few kilos over.. funny enough his friend was also on my flight.. the bags took a while to come out but i got mine and left I was a suspicious and later discovered his mate on that flight had brought over 2 o of gear. ive inspected the suitcase i took and noticed it is quite heavy on its own. along the bottom was stitched all strange and had a flat piece of wood when i cut a opening in it. there looked to be glue or something and the screw things in the suitcase had been plucked at. now, am i losing it and too paranoid or is this actually possible? is there a brand of luggage that does suspicious 'customized suitcases' for this type of stuff? did the bags take ages to come out cause the bag people were in on it too? if so, i just got away with some pretty hectic shit.. but didnt get paid a cent.. so they obvioudly have saved themselves money OPINIONS AND FEEDBACK PLEASE!

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  • try to see what's inside?

  • damn thats some cray shit

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