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im a 19 yr old female i am bisexual i am certainly not a Virgin i can speak confidently about sex people say i am very sexually aware but heres the truth.. ive never had an urge in my life to ever masturbate. i dont think about sex at all. i could go years without having sex and be totally okay with it. i tried to masturbate when i was alone like once and i just wasnt interested at all. porn makes me sick. i have zero labido. i dont see how sex can be such a huge thing to them . is this normal and what does this mean? why does sex run the world?

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  • You might be asexual, you should check this out. If you experience sexual arrousal when around someone you find attractive, it means you're not asexual. Also, if you take the birth control pill, you should see your gynecologist, sometimes it causes loss of libido. Same as some illness. Being asexual is not an illness, but it can be caused by something, so if it annoys you very much, you can talk about it with your gyne. (For instance, depression can cause loss of libido, anxiety too)

  • cuz it's our animal part... why every species is on earth? to live and reproduce that's all

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