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I'm a 21 years old girl, and I'm kinda used to street harassement and things like that, but this year it has gone too far. I'm so sick of perverts, it makes me want to stay at home, and never leave again. Some months ago, I was at a bar, waiting alone in front of the girl's bathroom, and I noticed a guy had followed me, he was acting weird but I didn't know what was odd. Then I saw it : he was masturbating while looking directly at me... Needless to say, I left the bar and went home. I thought it would never happen again.. I WAS WRONG. Three days ago, I was coming home from getting my lessons printed, and just in front of my porche, there was a young guy in a fancy car waiting. He called me, asked me if I knew where the station was, and then when I was about to enter my house, he called me again. "How much to look ?" I was like : "What the hell is he talking about???" Then I noticed that he was masturbating... I turned away, and tried to open my door while he kept asking "Just to look, how much to look ? How much ? Please !" Like, what can I do to never have to experience that again ? It felt so gross, disrespectful, it made me want to puke. I was not even wearing anything attractive at all this time, I'm studying for my finals now, so I was not wearing make up, I was wearing an old jumper that I had borrowed from my bf, I was not wearing heels, I was tired as hell... What can I do to never live this again ? Go out with a plastic bag all around my face and body ??? Damn some people are seriously sick. I hate being looked at by gross 50's old man*, being cat-called by douchebags, being followed in the street by weird old guys (it has happened 2 times this year only), I hate being asked to come in their car for a """"good time"""", I hate all of this, BUT THIS IS TOO FAR. When does it stop ? How far will it go ? I'm so pissed of and disgust. *I know it's not always gross old man etc., any guy at any age, regardless of its attractiveness can act like this, and therefore be gross.

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  • In what sort of third world nation you have to live to be treated this way out in the public

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