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I just found out that my (now ex) boyfriend of almost a year who promised to marry me and have kids and everything was cheating on me with his coworker. I was in bed with this guy last night... He was thinking about someone else and always lying about me being the one for him... can anyone out there cheer me up? Please? I'm so sad and angry and everything is fucked up.

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  • it's in the past girl. just thank God for taking him away. And he will cheat on everyone . man don't change

  • this is sad. But let me tell you mine. I got married and 4 months later I found out my husband had 3 fb accounts on some he molested my cousins. he. didn't know we figured out it was the same person and he will tell my cousins. do you want o see my dick and more. And I saw on messages how he will tell girls that he didn't love me. And every day he will tell me I was the love of his life. And he told girls he used me just to get legal status. so my point is : all man are the same. all my life I was bs bs bs that can't be true. oh yeah it is. And also my other ex did the same. that your experience.

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