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Christmas was bad this year. I mean it was all good in the morning, but then in the afternoon it got bad when my boyfriend started to talk about how he really wants me to move in with him. I told him I wasn't ready to move in this year and also I have a lot on my plate and moving will just add more to it. I did tell him I'll be ready to move in next year. When I told him that he got really depressed and I did too hearing his disappointed tone. Today everything feels so awkward between us and honestly it's tearing me up in the inside because of how awkward it is and how he's been talking. I just feel like I severely damaged our relationship by my response about moving in. At one point today he even asked if I'd still call him by his nick name that I gave him (You know that special nickname that you give to your bf/gf) if we broke up. I also feel like he's been hinting a lot today about breaking up and all. We've been together for more than two years.

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  • you're both immature! do not move in together!

  • tell him that you didn't mean to hurt his feelings and that you're sorry if you upset him. point out that it really wasn't about you wanting to break up with him or not being happy with him but simply that it would be a lot of stress and too much to handle at the moment. Make plans together for the next year about you two moving in

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