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When my cat sits on my lap, I stay still for hours. No matter if I'm hungry or have to pee or am thirsty. I ignored doorbells and ringing phones. It will break my heart to leave her. I finished school, and I really, really want to move out and away from my family. The only reason I haven't sent out applications is that I'm scared of leaving her. I raised her with a bottle because some asshat left her on the street when she was so tiny she was smaller than my hand. I'll move into a city, and she's used to be able to go outside whenever she wants. I can't lock her up in a flat that will probably be tiny. I'll have to leave her here, but my parents favour the other cat that always attacks her. I wish I could find an alternative, but staying is really not an option. My father abused me when I was a child, and I really can't stay anymore. I need to get away, to get a fresh start, so I can finally start to recover. I just wish she could be a part of that new start. I'll miss her like crazy.

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  • my fucking cat died in the road when I was in other place

  • Take the cat with u it will be fine look at all the people that keep their pets in cages she will be fine in a apartment as long as you are with her that's all that matters

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