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I feel like I a guy was trying to Fat Shame me today. he said loudly that I was not dressed appropriately for my size and that I should not be allowed to eat until I lost weight. I might be plus size, but I am active. I work and we were in at a gym; where I teach pregnancy yoga. Wearing workout clothes it TOTALLY appropriate. Not eating is totally unhealthy. He later asked me if I might want to give him a blowjob in the mens shower. Then I realized something. Every guy who has ever tried to fat shame me / put me down has later propositioned me for sex.

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  • And NO if you are not pretty please DO NOT dress in yoga pants and gym shit, you will only look disgusting to others, and dont say 'im vegetarian' or some shit because no one is going to believe that a 200lbs high cholesterol is vegetarian

  • I fucking hate when girls say "kick/stab/punch him " when he call you fat, you are just boosting the fucking male to female abuse so the dont come crying " my husband abuse me " or some shit btw im a male , and if you make violence you will receive violence, if someone tell me "fat/punk/asshole" I will tell them that in response but if you punch/stab/or whatever then I will do the same thing on you. And yeah you can loss a little weight cmon just stop eating fucking cheeseburgers . -

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