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No one will ever love me enough to make up for the lack of love in my life so far, so why even bother?

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  • True love in a relationship comes from self love. If you love yourself, you can share your love with another, without being dependent on their love for your happiness. You can love the other, without needing to always be loved in return. If we depend on others for love, then our experience of love is only limited to how much they love us. But if we find love in our own heart there is no limit to the amount of love we can feel and share with the world. Only you start or stop the flow of love into your life. Don't depend on others for fulfillment, depend on yourself for fulfillment and you will be much happier. Loving another is about appreciation and understanding, not dependency or possessiveness. Be love regardless of who expresses their love to you. The people that are afraid to love are the one's who need it most. ✌

  • How about learning to love yourself first?

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