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I had a boyfriend who my parents trusted he was 28 i was 16 and then one day he started raping me and at firts i thought he did it coz he loved me and then he started forcing me to have sex with him and a while before i even met him i developed a rare illness where i would unexplanably pass out and regain consciousness a while later   and he began taking advantage of that and if we were alone and i passed out. If i came too he was on top of me. And after a while i told him i will tell my parents or police if he touched me again and he started abusing me and one day it was in the summer n was wearing a long sleeve shirt to cover the bruises and our pastor asked about the long sleeves and asked about it and i said it was of the passing out for i was scared he would hit me again but she pulled up my sleeve and only saw a little blue mark but about 10 cm higher there was a bruise that was black and purple and she didn't see it and i kept lying where th bruises came from

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  • Syncope,I think you have it

  • it was ment to be a question asking why you guys thought i didnt tell them and i know you can that was the point

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