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Why do i always see everything from negative perspective first?? sometimes i cant even think from positive perspective. I often scared of my own conclusion, afraid of everything relate to the situation, become moody, and angry to anyone who talk with me, angry with my bf, my mom, my grandma. I cant control it. I want it to stop. Can someone give me some tips?? what should i do? maybe a little treatment i should do everyday??

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  • Seriously for a second thought this was from me it is exactly what I'm going through

  • I am the same way. My logic for seeing things negatively is to having hope that things could actually get better. For example, I took a test in school and whenever people ask me what I think I got I always say I didn't do well or I failed...so then when I find out I did not fail, I feel much better. I guess you could say, I am being pessimistic to be optimistic..if that makes sense. I always know the negative aspects of people first before the good. I guess it is out human nature.. :/ Try to think more positive...Self motivate quote . or quites about lov8ng instead of hating.. or loving instead of judging etc!

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