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I am a girl, and well I am afraid of getting pregnant, so I won't be having sex until I am 100% I can take responsibility for what may happen if I get pregnant. However, I want to be touched and loved, so my real question is: Would a guy be okay with staying with a girl that will only give him oral pleasure??

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  • yes. Lots of guys marry and prefer virgins. We are more likely to marry a girl who holds out. Putting out early makes us assume you do that for all the guys. Seriously though you CAN get STDs from oral as well. So take that into account. We don't marry and stay with girls for sex. We can get sex easy. Any one who leaves cause no sex was NEVER going to marry you and would likely cheat anyway. When we love a girl we are willing to wait and are proud if she waits for us as well. I say this as a man with male friends. This spans most all males i talk to. religous or not.

  • well my answer, as a guy, is that if Ilove the girl Ill wait for ever

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