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I have a friend, well, a "friend" when we met we were as happy as could be, the bestest friends, then one day we were at school, taking swimming lessons when she asked me do you want to come swimming at the weekend. we always did this, it was a weekly tradidion, so I just said yes but I also said, "but could you ask your mum not to smoke in the car? I sit right behind her... and well... I can't breath" she got really offended, and she became my bully for 2 years... then our class got changed again, and suddenly I was the only girl that she knew left, so suddenly she was nice, half a year later were "friends" again... is she just faking it cause she's got no one or did she finally give over?

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  • I think shes just a bitch, try to stay away from her and do something more with other people

  • Maybe she realized that it's stupid to be offended when someone asks someone else not to smoke.

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