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The world gloats for ending racism when they really havent. I am 14 years old and i have been bullied for my race or 'roasted' as everyone likes to say now. But race shouldnt even be that big of a deal. It's just genetics; like having brown eyes instead of green eyes. But no,thats not the world we live in. I hate being black. Online it seems that "everyone hates niggers" and "nigger hair". On all of my profile pictures, ive switched the filter to black and white because if i join a chat or group, i immediately get attacked for being a "nigger". Im so sick of it. I just recently left a kik group chat for this. (They didnt believe i was legit so they asked for a live picture, which does not allow filters. as soon as i sent it, i was attacked) "youre a nigger?" "that's disgusting" Ugh white people dont understand. All white girls are pretty, black girls.. different story. Dont believe me? google 'ugly white girls' then google 'ugly black girls'

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  • I feel really sorry for you. I'm 13 and I know how it feels. The thing is you need to love the skin you're in or none will love you. Words are really powerful so never say you're ugly or that will come true. You are beautiful and perfect just the way God made you. 😇

  • why would people do that? Its disgusting. I'm white and i dont say that to my friends that are black! I dont think people should be treated differently just because of the pigmentation of their skin

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