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I've ignored my old abusive friend for years and cut her from my life, and today she finds my social media accounts and starts harassing me with them and posting them on her snapchat for all my friends to see, even when asked to take down by my best friend who is like my sister she tried to justify it with he being her only friend and trying to make her feel like shit for calling her out and I know I'm going to have to report this to the school but all I really can think about is dying, I hate being picked apart and demeaned like this and I know this is exactly what she wants, and if I do die I will be sure to leave a note that its directly because of her. I made it into a joke to my family and friends but it hurts allot, I just want to live my life leave me alone please! I'm only a minor too I'm 17 and a senior in high school and this highschool drama shit should be long gone, especially since I only mind myself and my friends and study for college, I don't even talk or associate with her. why does she do this?

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  • Oh man, it'd feel so good to plot some sweet revenge later, but for now you just gotta get through this. She ain't worth your pain, she's literally nothing because she stooped so fucking low just to get under your skin. Just remind yourself that what she's doing, is plenty to get her in deep shit.

  • she needs to grow the fuck up, get a life and leave people alone. but hey, last year of highschool. that means next year you don't have to deal with her :)

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