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I’m a girl and there’s a guy I truly love with my heart out is dating my best friend, he used to love me soo much and I sent him nudes and everything he wanted but he turned into a dirty lying piece of shit and showed other people! I tried to ignore him and avoid him but a years past and he’s moved on but I haven’t… I guess I still love him even though he cheated on me, I see him with my friend and they look so happy with eachother meanwhile I’m dying inside cause I wish that was me

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  • what a bitch friend. Gosh doesnt she know it's chicks before dicks. i guess youre left with eating away your problems like me with the foods before dudes policy... even though thats what id do with my best friend.. we kinda just eat pizza together and cry

  • he's a douchebag. do you really want that guy to be your boyfriend? he'd only fuck you over. again. it's better to move on than to be treated that way.

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