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There's this one guy who I have a slight crush on that I thought clearly had no interest in me that way, yet he's been making these "jokes" or at least I take them as jokes since he's always joking and never serious about anything.. but nonetheless, he's been complimenting me more lately and even told me, " I like you " with a serious face but I felt like it might've been a joke so, I just dismissed it. He brushed it off as well and changed the topic but later on he wanted to make a point that even though he's like to kid around a lot, he does care... now I don't know what to think... he's either a jerk who's found out about me and toying with my emotions or a coward for not being more direct..

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  • dude this is one of those books where the girl has a bestfrann and he's like 'I love u' and the dumb idiot girl ignores him, gets a bf, then gets dumped but he's moved on and got a gf like really dude he said 'I like u' how direct could he be!

  • fucking shiity fuck long

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